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Practical Testing of Closed Water Systems

1 Day
In this hands-on course, participants will learn practical skills for testing and analysing closed water systems.

Existing Closed Water Systems

1 Day
This course addresses the challenges and maintenance strategies for existing closed-water systems.

Pre-commissioning of Closed Water Systems

1 Day
Understand the critical processes involved in the pre-commissioning of closed water systems to prevent issues such as corrosion and microbial…

Online Legionella Awareness

1 Day
This online legionella awareness-level course offers foundational knowledge about legionella risks, suitable control measures, and legal compliance.

Management of Cooling Tower Systems

3 Day
This extensive course provides in-depth training on the management of cooling towers used for air conditioning or an industrial setting.

Inspection & Maintenance of Water Features & Displays

1 Day
This comprehensive course explains the specific requirements for maintaining and inspecting water features and displays.

Bacterial & Chemical Water Sampling Procedures

1 Day
This course provides detailed training on the correct procedures for bacterial and chemical sampling of water systems.

Spa Pool & Hot Tub Systems

1 Day
This course covers managing and maintaining water quality in spa pool & hot tub systems

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

1 Day
This course focuses on the operation, maintenance, and compliance requirements for thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs).