Water Hygiene Training in Healthcare Courses

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Hydrotherapy/Swimming & Birthing Pool Systems

1 Day
This course covers managing and maintaining water quality in hydrotherapy, swimming and birthing pool systems in a healthcare environment.

Implementation of a Water Safety Plan

1 Day
Learn to develop and implement a comprehensive Water Safety Plan (WSP) for the healthcare environment in accordance with SHTM 04-01…
UV Ultraviolet light on a hand illustrating the effect of bacteria and viruses on a surface that has not been washed showing the importance of good hygiene and hand washing.

Healthcare-Associated Infections

1 Day
This detailed course explores the prevention and control of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs).

Hygiene Awareness in Healthcare

1 Day
This course targets hygiene practices in healthcare settings and provides crucial insights into infection control standards.

Healthcare Legionella Refresher

1 Day
This refresher course is designed to update your knowledge on managing legionella in water systems and will cover SHTM 04-01…

Competent Person Water Safety SHTM 04/01

2 Day
This course is tailored to provide a thorough understanding of water safety in healthcare settings as outlined in Scottish Health…