Authorised Person Mechanical Pressure Systems Course

5 Day

1 Day Introduction to Healthcare Ventilation. 9:00am to 5:00pm Tuesday 19th December 2023

What happens at this event?

The Introduction to the Healthcare Ventilation training course is designed to provide an insight and basic understanding of the unique principles of ventilation in the healthcare-built environment and how existing and new project systems are managed through appropriate governance structures and safe systems of work.

The training course comprises of the following topics:


Legal Requirements

Basic Principles of Healthcare Ventilation

Needs of Patients & Staff

Safe Systems of Work and the Inventory of Ventilation

Validation, Verification and Inspections Requirements

The Ventilation Safety Group (VSG)

Q&A Session


The training aims to develop the delegate’s knowledge and understanding of healthcare ventilation to effectively participate in Ventilation Safety Groups (VSG), project teams and governance positions and those responsible for the delivery of all associated aspects of ventilation safety. Ideally suited to non-technical Designated Persons (DP), Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) staff, project managers/engineers, M&E/construction contractors, consultants, maintenance managers and those new to healthcare ventilation.


By the end of the training, delegates should be able to demonstrate adequate knowledge of the role and function of the Ventilation Safety Group and how effective governance of healthcare ventilation is achieved.

Additional Info

M&M Consultancy and Training Services is a CPD-accredited training provider. The Introduction to Healthcare Ventilation is recognised as 7 hours of CDP.


Edinburgh or Site Based


£1,150 Plus VAT


5 Days